Our mission at ISTEK Schools is to educate our students under the guidance of Ataturk’s reforms and principles, to become successful individuals committed to scientific thought and universal values who will have a positive impact on the future of Turkey and the World at large.


From Kindergarten to University ISTEK Schools aim to bring up individuals with universal values and points of view who are

  • Equipped with skills and talents
  • Self-confident
  • Productive
  • Creative
  • Patriotic

thanks to an emphasis on foreign language, a commitment to the search of novelties, student based programs and an expert faculty.

Principles of Education:

At ISTEK Schools we believe that Ataturk’s reforms and principles are the only alternative for the Turkish society and thus our principles are based on great thoughts. Or national culture is presented under Ataturk’s principles and the following principles are utmost in the education we provide:

  • aware of our nation’s and the World’s problems
  • respectful of human and citizens’ rights
  •  in favor of Peace
  • environmentally conscious
  •  Realistic
  •  committed to research and scientific thinking
  •  entrepreneurial
  • well-rounded, versatile
  • To have an appreciation of the arts and aesthetics
  • equipped with skills and talents which will be necessary in further education
  • productive, cooperative and confident.