Can you give brief information about the history of İSTEK Foundation?

Founded by Bedrettin Dalan in 1985, İSTEK Schools play role in shaping the future of our country with 12 Kindergartens, 12 Primary Schools, 7 Science Schools, 10 Anatolian High Schools and Yeditepe University today.

Why should we prefer İSTEK Schools?

İSTEK Schools adopts an education system which is based on life success. Life success is not only limited to the success in academic areas and national standard examinations but it also includes success in social life. 

İSTEK Schools has 8 campuses with same characteristics in close points to centers of İstanbul. Therefore, student candidates can choose any İSTEK Campus which is close to their houses either in Anatolian or European coats of İstanbul. 

SBS and YGS/LYS studies are supported and assessment-evaluation criteria are controlled from one center. Placement rate of students are high in national examinations. 

İSTEK Schools maintain its education motto without making concessions from its vision and mission and keep being faithful to Ataturk’s principles and revolutions since its establishment.  

İSTEK Schools are among mostly preferred schools with its large scholarship opportunities.

What is the foreign language policy of your schools?

In İSTEK Schools, English language education is given at the beginning of kindergarten; students take Germany, Italian and Spanish education as second foreign language by 6th grade. Foreign language courses are given by trainers who have mostly foreign nationalities. İSTEK Anatolian High Schools give Science and Math lessons in English.

What are the conditions of application to your schools?

Students are accepted to our kindergarten with pre-interview; to 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades of Primary Schools with pre-interview and to 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade with İSTEK Placement Tests (Tests for 7th and 8th grades will be in parallel with LKS); to preparation class of Anatolian High Schools with raw score taken from 8th grade LKS of MoNE; to other classes of these high schools with İSTEK Placement Test to be conducted following the pre-interview.

Do all your campuses have the same characteristics in physical and academic terms?
Do you provide a safe environment within and around the campus? 

The security is supported with advanced technologies in our schools and ensured by specialist and authorized personnel. There is a "special security unit" which ensures security day and night in all our campuses. Powerful technical equipment and high security standards are used for security in our schools. All entrances and exists are recorded in digital environment. Internal and external security cameras are used to watch our campuses and surrounding, thus all day the record and control are ensured.

Are there doctor, nurse and sufficient health equipment in your schools?

The health of our students is followed carefully in all our schools and any information related to their health condition is recorded. There are sickrooms equipped to make the first intervention in case of emergency in our schools. Specialist doctor of Child Health and Diseases and school nurses work in our health unit. 

What are your social means?

İSTEK Schools have safe and happy campus environment with indoor and outdoor sport halls, semi-Olympic swimming pools, well—equipped laboratories, rich libraries and modern education areas equipped in line with the recent developments in technology.  
There are more than 100 student clubs in different fields which our students at every age can choose in line with their interests and skills. Our students take active role in rich culture, art and sports activities and also social responsibility and environment projects during a year.

What are the advantages you offer in business life? 

“Career Days” activities and visits to prominent universities of Turkey are organized by THE Psychological Counseling and Guidance Department of İSTEK Schools for high school students during a year. In this way, our students can determine their future university and department and have a net vision about choosing their future profession, plan their careers even at the beginning of their high school life.
Students who graduate from İSTEK Schools which have an education system based on life success carry their self-confidence and analyzing, result-oriented and researcher perspective acquired by this system to their business life. Therefore, these young and sophisticated people who love themselves and have artistic and aesthetic taste can be successful not only in business but also in social life.

What are the advantages of taking education in a deep-rooted education institution? 

Being a chain of schools with campuses which have the same education approach, service quality and common physical features, İSTEK Schools protect its leader and exemplary identity for 26 years. Since its establishment, İSTEK Schools which stay faithful to Atatürk's principles and revolutions, develop education approach continuously, keep up with developments gain confidence and thus they are preferred.

How is the relationship of your Alumni Association with school and students?

The Alumni Association of İSTEK Schools work actively. An activity named Alumni Day is organized every year in all our campuses to gather graduates, teachers and managers. Furthermore, our graduates are always in touch via social networks.