Crossroads is a bilingual program for effective communication and individual development opportunities for both kindergarten and first grade students in İSTEK K-12 Schools. It allows students to become fluent in Turkish and English, giving them a noticeable benefit over their monolingual peers.

It is a learning environment where both home-room and English teachers are simultaneously in the classroom, and it aims to immerse children in English to stimulate and promote dual language communication. It enriches and expands their academic, cultural and social experiences, and teachers become their role models in terms of working in collaboration.

In Crossroads program, students acquire English not only in English class, but also in non-language subjects such as Social Science, Math and Physical Education. Each subject is taught consistently in either Turkish or English throughout the school year. This stability provides İSTEK Schools students the circumstances to attain a high level of fluency and competency in both languages in a short period of time. Furthermore, our qualified teachers ensure that our students receive the individual attention and care needed to excel both academically and socially.

Bilingual education has proven to support and enhance cognitive, linguistic and social development of children. Crossroads is the best opportunity for success of İSTEK Schools students.