European School Network

European School Network is an international family which includes more than thirty schools from Finland, Holland, Hungary, Germany, Italy, France, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Spain, and Turkey. ESN offers high school students around Europe to have exchange programs, share each others’ culture and above all a life-long friendship. They work on two principals. The schools come to an agreement to have a mutual exchange in an academic year, which gives the students an opportunity to stay with their friends and families. Besides, the schools in the family announces a project or an activity on a date that has previously declined during annual conference. The host school coordinator invites the other ESN school students to have a project or activity such as Food Fair, Sea Sports, Winter Sports, Drama Fair etc. ISTEK Schools have been a family member since the beginning in 2006. As ISTEK Schools we have been exchanging students and participating projects and activities more than fifty high school students every year.